Dubai Visa rates Explained

All rates listed below are inclusive of travel insurance which is a compulsory eligibility criteria to enter Dubai after the COVID 19 pandemic. Travel Shop’s Dubai visas are usually sent within the same day or a timespan of 24 to 48 hours.

Visa type Duration Approximate cost 48 hour 48 hour 240 AED 96 hour 4 days from arrival date 290 AED Tourist – short term(Single entry) 30 days from arrival date 425 AED Tourist – short term(Multiple entry) 30 days from arrival date 1250 AED Tourist – long term(single entry) 90 days from arrival date 825 AED Tourist – long term(multiple entry) 90 days from first entry 2450 AED

3 reasons to buy from Travel Shop/Why buy from Travel Shop?

Fast and Easy

Simple and time-saving online application process with clear instructions. Less confusing and more travel-friendly as compared to interacting with airlines and visa centres.

Safe and Secure

All documents and transaction details shared with Travel Shop are secured with our cyber security systems. Our staff deal very cautiously when collecting documents and payments.

Hands-on consumer support

We aim to help you enjoy your travel better by removing the stress of getting a visa. Our Dubai office is available 24/7 to help you out.

Documents Required

You need to submit a valid passport that has a minimum validity of 6 months. these are the additional documents you need to apply for a Dubai visa:

1. Recent photograph of yourself

2. Bio page of the passport

You might also need to submit

Contact details (phone number) and residence visa page of family member or relative in Dubai.

Birth certificate of any minors travelling with you

Pakistani nationals need to submit Passport signature page and National ID card (Front and Back)

Do I need a visa to Dubai

You may need a Dubai Prepaid Visa depending on your nationality. Dubai has a list of 73 visa-free countries. If you are travelling from any of the 73 countries mentioned below you don't need to apply for a visa. If you don't belong to any of the countries in the list you have to apply for a Dubai visa in advance through a tourism firm like Travel Shop

1. Andorra 2. Australia 3. Brunei 4. Canada 5. China 6. Hong Kong, China 7. Japan 8. Kazakhstan 9. Macau, China 10. Malaysia 11. Mauritius 12. Monaco 13. New Zealand 14. Republic of Ireland 15. San Marino 16. Singapore 17. Ukraine 18. United Kingdom and Northern Ireland 19. United States of America 20. Vatican City 20 nationals are eligible to get 30-day free on arrival: 1. Argentina 2. Austria 3. Bahamas Islands 4. Barbados 5. Belgium 6. Brazil 7. Bulgaria 8. Chile 9. Colombia 10. Costa Rica 11. Croatia 12. Cyprus 13. Czech Republic 14. Denmark 15. El Salvador 16. Estonia 17. Finland 18. France 37. Peru 43. San Marino 49. South Korea 38. Poland 44. Serbia 50. Spain 39. Portugal 45. Seychelles 51. Sweden 40. Romania 46. Slovakia 52. Switzerland 41. Russian Federation 47. Slovenia 53. Uruguay 42. Saint Vincent and the Grenadines 48. Solomon Islands 19. Germany 25. Kiribati 31. Malta 20. Greece 26. Latvia 32. Montenegro 21. Honduras 27. Liechtenstein 33. Nauru 22. Hungary 28. Lithuania 34. Netherlands 23. Iceland 29. Luxembourg 35. Norway 24. Italy 30. Maldives 36. Paraguay 53 nationals eligible to get 30-day free on arrival:

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Nearest Metro

Salah Al Din metro station and Union metro station

Dubai visa for Indians & Malayalis

As of 1st May 2017, Indian nationals who

hold a normal passport with minimum validity of 6 months AND

hold a green card or visit visa issued by USA (minimum validity of 6 months) or UK/EU residence

are eligible for an on-arrival Dubai visa with a maximum stay period of 14 days for the cost of AED 120 (subject to change). An extension of extra 14 days is allowed for a cost of AED 250 (subject to change).

Indians who don't fulfill both of these criteria need to apply for a prepaid visa. Malayalis can get Dubai visa assistance at our Kerala Office.

Golden visa Dubai

In 2019, UAE introduced a new type of long-term resident visa which allows foreigners to work, study and live in UAE without a national sponsor. This visa scheme also permits complete ownership of your business on mainland UAE. Golden Visas will be issued for a period of 5 or 10 years and will be renewed automatically. As per the year 2018 Cabinet Resolution No. 56 related to organization of Residence Permits for Investors, Entrepreneurs and Professional Talent, Golden Visas can be given to:



specialized talents and researchers in various fields of science and knowledge

bright students with promising scientific capabilities

Travel insurance for Dubai visa

After the outbreak of COVID 19, the Dubai authorities have made it mandatory for travellers to possess travel insurance while visiting Dubai. We urge all travellers to get travel insurance. If you are flying with Emirates, you don't need to get a travel insurance as the Emirates tickets has Multi-risk travel insurance

If you are flying with a different airline you can opt for our travel insurance that covers

Personal accident AED 25,000 Loss of Passport AED 250 Repatriation of the Deceased AED 10,000 Repatriation AED 7,500 Emergency Medical Expenses AED 150,000


Mexican passport holders are eligible for a 180 day multiple entry visa which is valid for 6 months from issue date and permits a total stay of 180 days.
After 29 April 2016, GCC Resident permit holders need to apply for a UAE visa before travelling to Dubai.
You can apply for your Dubai visa within 60 days before your scheduled travel date. As soon as your Dubai Visa is approved, you have 60 days from the issue date to enter Dubai. After entering Dubai, you will be allowed to stay for 30 or 90 days with a 10 day grace period.
At Travel Shop, visas will be delivered within 24 hours.
No, the visa application fee is non-refundable in any situation including visa rejection.
for tourist visas, the applicant’s passport should have a minimum validity of 6 months from travel date.